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Being known online is a very important part of the success of your business. Create a website and create different channels to bring in visitors. A website isn't the only thing that matters for your business - traffic is. You need to get traffic through various channels. Lugano Marketing is here to help.


- Search Engine Optimization
- Keyword discovery and focus

gpt chatbot

- Chatbots for your business
- Optimized chatbot updates

Driving traffic

-Publish articles and videos with the right keywords for your business



Your business should always be about exposure. Exposure is an important factor for purchases and enquiries. We can help you get your website listed on major portals for a variety of keywords.

gpt chatbot

A personalized chatbot can increase customer trust.
And keep them informed with constant updates.

Getting traffic

Publish consistent articles and videos with keywords that are relevant to your business. Bring in your own traffic through a steady stream of traffic rather than ads that only show up when you spend money on them.

Why! Lugano Marketing Authorized!

Stay ahead of the AI curve.

We live in an age of information overload. The core of your business is traffic. You can focus on your business and leave the website creation, chatbot, article/video publishing to Lugano Marketing.
By meeting Lugano Marketing, you can pioneer the AI era correctly.

We want to bring innovation.

At Lugano Marketing, our motto is innovation.
We don't want the same old ideas and places, we want new places and ideas that can move forward.
We will be posting a lot of stories about startups and marketing.
Please come and share with us anytime.


What our customers are saying

Sue hyun Kim

Ilsanseo-gu / Doctor

I think it's a site that fills a gap that I've always felt while running a hospital, especially in marketing, and it's helpful to hear it implicitly.

yon je kang

junggeydong / Corporate Representative

I realized what I was missing when I went from being self-employed to a corporation. I realized that I was too indifferent to my company. It was good to get ideas on how to run a corporation well.




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